Loved the class!  So glad my friend Michelle recommended you.  I feel my core more in one class with you than I did a whole year from my other studio.  Look forward to many more classes.
Just a note to thank you for the last five years.  I am looking forward to every aspect of my move abroad, except moving away from you and your great studio.  While packing, my husband found old pictures and we could not believe how my posture has changed over the years.  You saved my spine, my migraines are gone and I did not have to have double knee surgery like planned.  Cannot thank you enough!
It was great to meet you on Monday as well! I really loved your pilates class - it's my favorite class that I've ever taken!
I'm looking forward to another class next week!
This is the best pilates studio.  The classes are small, intimate and the instructors are knowledgeable and nice.  You do not feel "out of your league" here and the workout is amazing!  So much more civilized than a gym.
is the absolute best workout ever! It is full body strength training plus cardio. I have never felt better and my body has never looked better! Be careful- it's addicting!
At first when I came into the studio, I was intimidated.  I'm not a big worker-outer, my balance is horrible, and I was convinced I would immediately fall off the machine and knock out a couple of teeth.
I'm happy to report that after having attended classes at Pilates Body Home for just over a month now, my balance is a little better, and have not fallen off the machine.   And what's better, I love it!
I have spent 5 years trying to get pain relief for my shoulder.  In two sessions, my pain went from an 8 to a 2!  I can finally sleep well again.
I have been with Pilates Body Home for 10 years now and simply love the new neuro approach that is incorporated into sessions.  It is amazing what can be accomplished with simple joint or eye exercises!
Nadya has been amazing at helping our High School son recover from his two concussions.  He would not listen to the physical therapist, but he does listen to her and does his eye drills.  Now that he is recovered, he is back to being a soccer goalie and the drills Nadya has him doing have helped so much!  Cannot say enough good things about Nadya and Pilates Body Home.