Pink Ribbon Program

Pilates Body Home Is proud to offer the Pink Ribbon Program in Arlington, VA.  Nadya Lutz is a certified Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist.  The founder of the program is a breast cancer survivor and developed this highly successful Pilates based recovery program which is now taught all over the world.  Survivors who participate in this program are able to regain mobility and improve their quality of life.  

You can start your post-operative breast surgery rehabilitation program as soon as your doctor says you are ready. This can be as early as two or three weeks after your surgery. You can participate in your rehabilitation program during your radiation or chemotherapy treatments, or after you have completed all treatments.

This program is taught in four phases and is very easy to follow in the studio, group sessions and/or at home.  Participating in this program allows survivors to be pro-active about their recovery.  We have corresponding books with photos that make the program very user friendly and allow women to take control of their recovery.

Benefits of the Pink Ribbon Program:

•  Reduces feelings of depression

•  Improves self confidence and control

•  Helps regain strength and mobility in the affected shoulder and arm

•  Enhances energy levels

•  Helps prevent Lymphodema and contraindications

•  Improves sleep

•  Alleviates fatigue

•  Decreases stress and tension

•  Enhances physical and mental well-being

We can meet clients individually in our private studio in North Arlington or can tailor a group class to meet in medical facilities or on location.

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