Are you a cancer survivor? At serious risk for heart disease? Recovering from surgery? Rehabilitating from an injury? Need to get back into exercise safely after a long hiatus? We offer “Pink Ribbon Pilates” for breast cancer survivors, “Heart Smart Pilates” for those at risk or recovering from cardiovascular disease and “Revitalizing Pilates” for those looking to re-embrace life and recover from injury or surgery. Our dedicated team of instructors will take into consideration all of your needs and issues to create an integrative fitness regime for you utilizing all of our services. We even correspond with your physician (should that be your desire) in order to create a program that is perfect for you. Please note that ALL of the programs listed below are intended for individuals who have been cleared by their physician or physical therapist to begin a safe and cautious fitness regime. 


Pink Ribbon Pilates

Everyone is different and heals at his/her own pace.  Talk to your doctor or healthcare team member before starting this or any exercise program.  The Pink Ribbon Program works in conjunction with your doctor’s recommendations for an exercise program.  You may also use this program in conjunction with, or as a follow-up to any prescribed physical therapy.  We are certified in the Pink Ribbon Pilates Program and can teach you the exercises to do at home or you can come to the studio for more guidance.

Healthy Heart Pilates

Lower your Cholesterol: For decades now, studies have shown that exercise helps lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. We’ll keep it fun as we combine our fitness services for you to increase muscle tone, improve circulation, increase cardiovascular endurance and ultimately lower your cholesterol! Our interval training plan increases the effectiveness of your workout without over taxing the body.

Obesity: Our warm, inviting, sunlit studio accepts all shapes and sizes. No intimidating attitudes here! Pilates Body Home is the perfect place for you to start on the road to better health. Our fully equipped Pilates studio offers a multitude of exercises with the support you need to strengthen your core, tone your abdominal muscles and condition your joints without the fear of injury.

Heart Attack/Heart Surgery Recovery: Our team will meet you where you are and design a workout specific to your goals and needs. Pilates can be a very gentle form of exercise that will mobilize your joints without elevating your blood pressure to unsafe levels. As you get stronger, your workout will progress to accommodate increased strength and stamina.

Osteo Pilates

Osteoporosis/Osteopenia: Because the equipment uses spring resistance and provides support, Pilates is an ideal choice for women seeking to strengthen their bones. Many exercises are performed with ant-gravity resistance so that you may correct any postural imbalances and work on improving alignment which can be causing pain in life. We progress our clients slowly and carefully and always according to the clients’ needs and doctor’s orders.

Healthy Back Pilates

Disc Injuries, Spinal issues, Harrington Rods: The spine is clearly the axis of your body and injuries here can affect the entire system. By focusing on core stabilization and precise, controlled movements, we aim to teach our clients healthy habits that they can take with them playing golf on the weekends, picking up grandkids, mowing the lawn, etc. For those clients with Harrington Rods, we have successfully created dynamic, diverse and fun workouts that respect the spine’s limitations but still strengthen the abdominals (in neutral!) and provide a safe and enjoyable way to enjoy fitness.

Pilates for Hip/Knee Issues

Replacements or other injuries: Our talented team of instructors has worked with both hip and knee replacements and can develop a program specifically to meet your needs and limitations so that you can safely reach your fitness and movement goals. We are cautious, yet encouraging and will be your ally on the road to full recovery! We also have much experience with torn ACLs, PCLs and injured lateral rotators of the hip.

Pilates for Torn Rotator Cuffs/Shoulder injuries

If you have experienced a torn rotator cuff, a dislocated shoulder, nerve impingement, etc., then you know how much a painful shoulder joint can affect the quality of your life! We proceed cautiously and pay attention to the alignment of the head and neck in relation to the shoulder and select exercise to bring awareness to maintaining the proper alignment between the three.

Pilates for Neurological Issues or Neck Injuries

Neck Injuries/Whiplash: Whether from a car accident, a fall or too much computer use with a phone between your ear and shoulder, we can help you relearn proper head and neck alignment and teach you exercises to strengthen the muscles that have been neglected and release those that may have been overworked. Neurological Issues (MS, Parkinson’s): We treat every client as a unique individual, and those with a diagnosable disease are no different. We work within each client’s comfort range to mobilize joints, increase core stabilization, improve balance and provide an overall greater sense of well-being

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